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Nature Tokens

Megan Gurski


Her Story


Megan is the heart and soul of this company. While studying for her Bachelors of Education at the University of Regina she focused her studies on Physical Education and Outdoor Education.

Her education journey began with a full-time teaching position in the public-school system. This included teaching land-based outdoor programs and guiding overnight camping/canoe trips. She has a passion for teaching and the outdoors. When you combine those two aspects of her life you create NW25 OLC. This business has been on Megan’s radar since she began her journey as a teacher.

She taught High School and Elementary School and is now, in addition to being the owner/operator of NW25, she is a Supervisor at the Bredenbury Daycare. Megan is thrilled to begin this adventure and share all of what the outdoors has to offer.


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