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Hiking through forest

At NW25, we're gearing up for an absolutely epic spring and summer filled with adventure and outdoor learning, perfect for kids aged 3-12. This spring, we're offering a sneak peek week where your little adventurers can get a taste of the summer fun ahead. We'll dive into loose part play, discover the secrets of wildlife and plant identification, cover the basics of first aid and outdoor safety, and, most importantly, have a ton of fun! Can't wait to explore the great outdoors with all of you!

Our Camps

Little Sprouts Wilderness Camp
Ages 3-4

Prairie Pioneers Camp
Ages 5-8

Nature Navigators Camp
Ages 9-14

Youth Outdoor Safety Evening Camp
Ages 15+

Little Sprouts 2-Day Camp

Spring: TBA (2025)

Summer: July 11-12 OR August 15-16 (2024)

Please note, kiddos need to be potty trained to join in the fun.


Nurture your child's curiosity and love for nature at Little Sprouts! Designed for ages 3-4, our camp offers a magical environment where little ones can engage in creative play, discover local flora and fauna, and learn about the wonders of the outdoors. With a focus on fostering a deeper connection with nature and promoting safe exploration, Little Sprouts is the perfect introduction to the natural world for your young adventurer.

Nature Navigators 2-Day Camp

Spring: TBA (2025)

Summer: July 5-6 OR August 23-24 (2024)

Designed for ages 9-14, our camp offers an immersive experience where participants can develop essential outdoor skills, including wilderness survival techniques, first aid, and the identification of local flora and fauna. With a focus on fostering independence, resilience, and a deep appreciation for nature, Nature Navigators provides the perfect opportunity for young adventurers to explore the great outdoors and build lasting memories.

Prairie Pioneers 1-Day Camp

Spring: TBA (2025)

Summer: July 10 OR August 28 (2024)

Tailored for ages 5-8, our camp provides a dynamic environment where children can engage in discovery-based activities, identify local wildlife, and immerse themselves in the joys of outdoor play and games. With a focus on exploration and hands-on learning, Prairie Pioneers promises an enriching summer adventure for your child.

Youth Outdoor Safety Evening Camp

Spring: TBA (2025)

Summer: August 20 (2024)

Ignite your passion for outdoor adventure at our Youth Outdoor Safety Evening Workshop! Designed for youths aged 15 and above, this workshop offers hands-on training in essential outdoor skills, including outdoor cooking, fire starting, and knife skills. Join us for an evening of exploration and learning as we delve into the wonders of nature, practice basic first aid, and gain the confidence to thrive in the great outdoors.

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