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About the Course

I'm Going on an Adventure Package


12 hr + Overnight

Packages are built for a purpose and are created for participants and leaders to become confident in their outdoor skills. These packages include consultations, PRE-impact instruction, IMPACT which includes individual experiences, POST-impact instruction and assessment.


One on one consultation with group leader(s) to plan pathway of package

Digital Documents Included:

-PRE-impact instruction & POST-impact instruction

-Assessment for Learning

(align with curricular outcome or mission/goal of choice)

-Participant workbook & leader workbook

Experiences included: (2 days + overnight)

-Intro to Camping 100 (1/2 day)

-Intro to Camping 101 (1/2 day OR full day)

-First Aid Tips in Nature (1/2 day OR full day)

-Overnight Camp @ NW25 Outdoor Learning Co.

*Can be changed to a daytime/evening component

Additional Costs not included:

-Meals for participants -Mileage

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